About Sunshine Media Network

What we Do

As Storymakers, Sunshine Media Network helps clients tell their stories through the best means to reach their targeted audiences.

Our clients have used us for video production; live, virtual, and hybrid events; media interviews; TEDx and TED talks; speeches; competition pitches; and their own social media and online channels to share their stories. We offer fully encompassed project management or supplement your teams already in place.

The Communications work we do takes into consideration the scaleability of a business and brand. Starting with the critical foundation of Storymaking, we help clients identify their five to seven valuable and unique messages. From there, we build out their toolkit of stories and examples that supports each message. This fundamental plan guides our clients Communications plans for a year or more and gives them confidence in their voice, message, and focus. Time and time again, our unique approach has helped clients confidently move forward telling their business story and growing their customer base.

Destiny Stone sitting on a couch being interviewed on camera.
Christine Edwards being filmed by two DSLR cameras

Our Misson

Sunshine Media Network uplifts and amplifies women entrepreneurs and experts. As social entrepreneurs, profits are donated back to our mission through cash donations, pro bono services, and volunteerism. The work we do with corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and higher-education clients allows us to provide valuable expert services at a lower cost to women and underrepresented experts who are in the early stages of their Storymaking journey. This mission grew from seeing too few experts doing media interviews who represented the community around us. We are proud to say we’ve helped qualified and valuable voices be seen and heard through connections and relationships we’ve built. 

Through our alignment with the She Dreams In Color Foundation, we are able to stretch our philanthropic work even further. And each team member of Sunshine Media Network commits to volunteering and community involvement.

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