Alexys Carrasquillo

Creative Director | Videographer & Editor | Graphic Designer | Web Developer

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Credit: Rae Images/Ebony Stubbs

Alexys Carrasquillo, Creative Director of Sunshine Media Network, has been freelancing with Sunshine Media Network since August 2019. Alexys brings her creative focus and strategic approach to Sunshine Media Network and into each client’s project, allowing every project to go beyond expectations.

Many times behind the scenes, Alexys has had a creative hand in projects, and she frequently brings new and fresh ideas to the brainstorming conversations that fill Sunshine Media Network’s office.

Alexys is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals and welcomes pushing her boundaries of experience, trends, and ideas with each project. She values loyalty, responsibility, open conversation, and kindness within and outside of her workplace. She is someone you want on your team professionally and personally.

Passionate about using her love for digital media to help her community and personal growth, she’s an ideal leader. She is an active leader as well, working firsthand as a videographer, video editor, and graphic designer. These skills allow Alexys to ensure a cohesive look and feel for clients’ projects. As Creative Director, she integrates easily with client teams and is an expert contributor.

Alexys is a Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican woman living in Kannapolis, NC. She first discovered her passion for video production in 2015. Doing it as a hobby, she taught herself how to film and edit videos on several platforms. She spent three years in school on the track to become a nurse before deciding that she wanted to pursue video production. She graduated from Central Piedmont Community College in 2019 with a degree in Broadcasting and Production Technology.

While video production is now a job for Alexys within her role as Creative Director, she continues to do it as a hobby. She creates informative videos and makeup videos for her personal social media. Producing videos for herself gives Alexys the creative liberty to experiment with different platforms, tools, and content as social media and technology evolve.

Alexys is available for freelance creative work. Contact her at for freelance inquiries.