Sunshine Media Network supports the She Dreams In Color™ Foundation a 501 c(3) Foundation, Interview Series, and Podcast. 
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She Dreams In Color

A 501 c(3) Foundation, Interview Series, & Podcast

The She Dreams In Color™ Foundation works to destigmatize mental health needs and seeking care and we raise money to provide mental health therapy services to marginalized women. 

We believe helping women heal helps their families, friends, and community.

We use our Interview Series and Podcast as outreach to normalize seeking mental health services, to show the positive impacts of therapy, and to show a diversity of women speaking on benefits of mental wellness.  The interviews highlight the Occupations and Obstacles of women. Our goal is to serve as a guide for young girls and women in life transitions who may be looking for role models, looking for someone who has done it before them, or looking for a pathway to a life they hope for.

When you see someone who has made it, you know it’s possible for you.

The Occupations spotlighted exemplify the variety of careers women are called to and in which they can be successful and fulfilled.

The Obstacles discussed range from life challenges to medical conditions to discrimination. The women sharing their Obstacles have all persevered through them and offer their stories as the woman they needed during their hardship.

The She Dreams In Color™ Foundation is led by women Board Members who all have a personal purpose to improve access to healthcare and remove stigma and barriers.

  • Board Chair Shannon Walker, ANSWER Scholarship
  • Vice-Chair Lindsay Anvik, Babe & Butcher
  • Treasurer Heather Harper, Harpers Hope 4*1 Foundation
  • Secretary Alexys Carrasquillo, Familia Creative Media
  • Nesha Pai, Pai CPA PLLC
  • Antrolette McCain, Bank of America
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

We are building a community with this platform of women from varied backgrounds, levels of ability, education, race, religion, Occupations and Obstacles, so that you too may see yourself here and not feel so alone.

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She Dreams In Color™ Podcast

Jennifer Moxley interviewing Tiffany Mason on the She Dreams In Color set

We believe women are a Work of Art. Find one you can look up to.

Refer a woman you believe is called into her occupation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each woman interviewed has to be truly called into her Occupation. Our team prioritizes unique occupations. We evaluate the previous and upcoming guests to ensure as wide a representation as possible. And we want to make sure the woman is through the Obstacle so that she may fully reflect on the experience and share her wisdom.

There is no age requirement, however, we do look for women who have been in their Occupation long enough to know it’s what they’re meant to do. For some women, this calling came early in their lives and they started right away.

No, the woman doesn’t have to live or work locally, but we prefer she films her episode in our Charlotte studio.

No, there is no fee to appear on the She Dreams In Color™ video series, and guests are not compensated.

We have an ongoing screening process for guests. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at