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B-roll Footage

In my days as a one-man-band videographer at a Charlotte news station, shooting B-roll was a daily adventure. In this blog, I will discuss B-roll and how you can capture the best footage for your needs by knowing your purpose and planning. What is a B-roll? B-roll is the video

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How Can Corporate Communication with the Media and Public Be Improved?

As a Corporate Communications team support staff, at the Sunshine Media Network, we shine a fresh light on messaging that isn’t landing with the public, and we add fresh perspectives to long-time teams looking for new ideas for their Communications plans. A Corporate Communications team has a lot of responsibilities

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Media Training Tip: When You Don’t Know The Answer

Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re going to be speaking on behalf of an organization or even yourself, media training is vital. Too many times, people underestimate the reach of a media outlet that only has a small following, a journalist they may have met at a networking event,

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