Media Training Tip: When You Don’t Know The Answer

Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re going to be speaking on behalf of an organization or even yourself, media training is vital. Too many times, people underestimate the reach of a media outlet that only has a small following, a journalist they may have met at a networking event,

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5 Tips for a Good Corporate Communication Zoom

We are well into the era of accepting awkward camera angles, bad lighting, and even cat face filters in our Zoom (Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Webex) meetings, however, your CEO cannot pass go, cannot collect $200 on these faux pas. As a Corporate Communications team member you’re the last line

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How to Read a Teleprompter Naturally

Twenty bucks says most people searching this blog already heard all the “I’m Ron Burgundy?” (emphasis on the question mark) jokes they can handle. Either you yourself are trying not to look like you’re being held hostage when you read a prompter, or one of your executives is forgetting to

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Five Things You Learn In Media Training

The recent film “Don’t Look Up,” the apocalyptic dark comedy full of so many famous faces you spend most of the film saying “is that so and so?,” centers Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as two insanely smart Astronomy experts who discover a comet on track to destroy Earth in

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Help, my CEO doesn’t look good on camera

In a perfect world, your CEO and C-suite executives would wholeheartedly trust the expertise and advice of their Corporate Communications teams. But we all know how this story ends. For some of you, your CEOs and on camera corporate representatives don’t look good and, worse, they aren’t listening to your

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