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At Sunshine Media Network, our work has proven to build a solid foundation for our clients, develop national reach, and position them as thought leaders in their field. We lean into someone’s unique voice, their knowledge, and their experiences, to identify the stories that will resonate and connect with their audience. We want you to stand apart. Our team excels in:

As Communications Consultants, we strategize discover, nurture, and strengthen your unique stories and teach you to excel at telling them. Our typical clients have put in the work to become experts and are ready to stand in the spotlight and talk about what they know and who they are.  We help clients tell their story to grow their business, become authorities in their field, and create legacy with their work. We also support Corporate Communications teams with seamless integration and expertise when they need additional talent for projects. Beyond consulting, we do the work to apply your strategy successfully too. We’re videographers, editors, web designers, producers, and media experts so you can trust our vision for you is rooted in applied uses.

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As a Communications Consultant, Sunshine Media Network worked with Founder and CEO of Redd Rose Vodka, Taylor Redd, since 2020. We started with Storymaking services which included Media Training. For more than a year we provided News Pitching services and gained incredible earned media value with local and national exposure. We helped her write, practice and present investor and grant pitches, ensuring she stayed true to her Storymaking plan. And in 2022, we provided Video Production services for one brand video and three social media breakout videos. Our work helped her identify and tell her story confidently, build her brand to be nationally recognized, and implement communications strategy as she scales.

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What we Do

We call ourselves Storymakers. Sunshine Media Network communications consultants helps you discover, nurture, and strengthen your unique stories. We guide you through the best channels of communication to reach your targeted audiences. We take a dynamic approach to ensure your story translates into impact for your mission, life’s work, and your business. 


Our clients range from Corporate Communication teams at Fortune 500s to entrepreneurs and they have trusted us with video production; live, virtual, and hybrid events; TEDx and TED talk pitching, writing and coaching; Hall of Fame speeches; media pitching; media training and coaching; media junkets; investor competition pitches; website design; social media design; and content creation to share their stories. We offer fully encompassed project management or we can supplement the teams you already have in place.

Nichelle Sublett, on stage with the Ted Chapel Hill logo behind her
From goals and vision to the largest stage you dream of, Sunshine Media Network supports experts and entrepreneurs every step of the way. After being crowned Mrs. North Carolina in February 2018, Nichelle W. Sublett hired Sunshine Media Network and worked with our Storymaking team for 1 ½ years. Together, we created and implemented her hashtag campaign #StartAsking. Our team oversaw the content for her website rebrand and ensured consistent messaging. Through our Storymaking work, Nichelle was featured in national print news and magazine outlets and on local television networks. She was able to negotiate corporate sponsorship deals and she still receives corporate campaigns from our work amplifying her as an expert in her space. With our coaching and writing assistance, Nichelle graced the stage and presented at TedX Chapel Hill in 2019 and her speech was accepted to the national TED platform in 2020 where it has 8.1K+ views and continues to spread her mission and purpose to #StartAsking.


Client Media Features

collection of media logos where clients have been featured in by Sunshine Media Network
Anderson Cooper interview Maya Angelou on CNN
Being behind the camera and in the room with talents, such as Maya Angelou, adds to the recipe of Storymaking success Sunshine Media Network offers clients. More than 35 Fortune 500s have trusted us with their Storymaking needs. We’ve overseen and conducted interviews for national and international news, nationally televised productions, media junkets, and internationally viewed corporate events. Our teams bring discretion, professionalism, high expectations, and peak performance to every project. And our women-led and staffed teams offer unique perspectives and talents that are unmatched.

Our Mission

We believe the best expert should be in the spotlight and we work to make sure our clients are equipped to stand there firmly and know what to say when they have the opportunity. Our communications work strategizes how to create seats at the table, foster relationships, and find competitive advantage in your authentic stories.

For 11 years, Sunshine Media Network has been in the room with incredible leaders as they’ve shared their stories. We glean best practices through our work with national and international news interviews and projects. Our clients benefit from our exposure to the most decorated public figures.

We are drawn to unique stories, talents, and expertises that come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Much of our work is removing barriers, building relationships, and investing creative energy into stories and voices that will benefit the greater good. 

You have the magic in you, our team brings it out. We help you get really good at talking about yourself. And we’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

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