Who we Are:

Sunshine Media Network has staffed freelance television and video production jobs since 2012. Many firms based in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, and Atlanta reach out to us for local freelance talent recommendations, studio site surveying, and equipment needs. Our firm is trusted by entertainment executives to properly screen talent, to oversee crews locally, and to procure necessary gear for successful shoots that often come in under budget. Our team has a working address book of freelance talent, their field of expertise, and the equipment they own or are familiar with.

Beyond video production, both live event and hybrid event production, freelance crews can help an organization experiencing staff shortages or creating a special event that requires additional team members. Their work can also serve as a segue into a full-time staff position.

Being committed to developing talent in the freelance video and television production industry, our founder, Jennifer Moxley, has worked as an instructor at a TV technical school since 2012. Providing paid internships, mentorships, and freelance opportunities is part of her commitment to nurturing a new generation of talent, particularly women and minorities. Her former students, interns, and mentees are now across the country in television, radio, podcast, film, journalism, and corporate production jobs.

For PREMIERETV’s project with CMT’s CMAs, Sunshine Media Network supplemented the Cinematographer and Director of Photography already hired for the project by PREMIERETV. We were tasked with finding a South Carolina local camera operator with a specific model to match the First Assistant Camera. Sunshine Media Network also sourced a South Carolina local Audio Engineer who had gear to mix five wireless mic feeds.

Freelance support