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What we Do:

Entrepreneurs, professional athletes, authors, and experts need to tell their stories too, and Sunshine Media Network has the expertise and tools to do so at a more flexible budget size and on a workable timeline. As a woman-owned small business, we understand the demands on an entrepreneur. There’s a lot to be done for branding, media outreach, video production, and social media, and usually limited means. Sunshine Media Network helps prioritize goals, streamlines projects, identifies blindspots, brainstorms ideas, and offers encouragement, support, and high-level consultation to help move your business forward. Our video production meets you where you are. When you’re not ready for our services, we always have a qualified vendor to refer you to so you’re not left empty-handed. We grow with you, our services shift as your needs change, and we’ll be the best cheerleaders you’ve recruited.

Sunshine Media Network has a mission to uplift and amplify women and minority experts and entrepreneurs and to offer pro bono and free services as our resources allow.

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Why choose Us:

As a small business, our team personally understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when integrating communications strategies into their already busy schedules and overstretched budgets. We are driven to grow small businesses, particularly in Charlotte, and meet business owners where they are with communication, video, and social media plans that accelerate the path to achieving their goals.

Working with corporate clients gives us unique insight and allows us to bring industry best practices to the front door of small business owners. When a fully committed partnership isn’t feasible, we devise a workflow that makes sense for everyone. Some entrepreneurs book us for once-a-month oversight consultations; others hire us to handle part of their communication strategy while training their employees to take over; and we’ve been called in to work with entrepreneurs on big projects where they need extra expert hands on deck.

For professional athletes, authors, speakers, and other individuals trying to amplify their voices, our team can craft a six-month map to help them choose the best next direction to take. When a job doesn’t fit us, we do our best to find another talented expert to refer, because we take pride in providing solutions for our small business peers.