Jennifer Moxley

Media Expert | Project Manager | Media Coach | Videographer

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Jennifer Moxley
Credit: Rae Images/Ebony Stubbs

My 23 years of media experience started at a local newspaper and expanded beyond my wildest dreams to international and national network news. Utilizing first-hand knowledge of media, paired with ongoing research of messaging and culture, I help guide clients through today’s media needs. It’s an ever-changing space, and you need to work with someone who is operating under today’s culture and expectations.

Executives have asked me to create workshops for management and staff to understand how media fuels bottom-line growth. Companies have brought me in to lead video campaigns and live-event productions after budget cuts eliminated their in-house staff. Sports-team owners have hired me to train their athletes on brand management so sponsors realize value add. PR firms have hired me to be an “outside” voice to train their biggest clients on crisis communications. Seasoned television talent professionals have trusted me to critique them and enhance their on-camera presence.

Each job I accept is navigated with an unparalleled level of enthusiasm, discretion, professionalism, and energy investment. I bring fresh ideas to projects. And I hand select the talent for your communications projects. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to the team trusted to execute your vision. Every person on our teams, myself especially, is personally and professionally invested in your success.

I’ll brainstorm ideas for your project in the shower. So let’s make sure we are a good fit.

My life experiences and tenacity push me to learn quickly, adapt faster, and succeed. I attended 15 schools across the country as a child, became a mother at 17 years old and again at 20, and was the first in my family to attend college. As an adult, I traveled abroad, forged my way in television, and am now an entrepreneur. Clients I work with have to want to achieve their highest potential because those are the goals I set for myself and for which I strive.

As a woman videographer, in a male-dominated industry, I work to support others who have had a hard time tapping into this industry. It matters to me that my business reinvests in people in the community and the causes that helped me growing up. I want good experts to make the news, all stories to have a chance to be told, and the right people to have the opportunity to tell those stories creatively.

​Civic engagement is vital to my approach to life, and because I immerse myself in the world around me, clients benefit from my exposure to and knowledge of current events, trends, and best practices in media and storymaking.

I love what I do, and I approach every client’s project with excitement, energy, and ideas that will take it to the highest levels of success.