Corporate Media Training

Corporate media training is needed whether you’re a small firm or a Fortune 500 corporate office. Corporate media training ensures that the face of your company walks away with a win every time they encounter a reporter. In-depth media training helps strengthen the answers given, builds confidence within the interviewee, develops tools and techniques your executives can employ when they feel cornered, and increases likelihood your executives will agree to interviews more often which is always a win.

Whether it’s a refresher media training session for long-time employees, media training developed around the implementation of a new campaign, or for a leader who is problematic in interviews, Sunshine Media Network is the corporate media training agency you need to prepare your team for all levels of media interviewing and our practical training means your executives will actually apply the lessons.

We know what reporters look for because we’ve been behind the camera and in newsrooms living it first-hand. And we know the challenges executives face on camera because we too have been in the hot seat with green reporters and experienced national network talent. We have years of experience training staff on how to deliver on-camera, how to interact with journalists, how to work around personal quirks or challenges that can get in the way of a good interview, and how to increase the implementation of corporate messages and goals naturally.

We also help communicate to your leadership how newsrooms operate, why stories get picked up, what the media will latch onto and what themes are trending to help your corporate communications team sell leaders on your interview topics and suggestions. When you choose to work with us, you can feel confident knowing your company’s leadership team will be trained and capable of working with all types of media including print, television, and social media.

Your Corporate Media Training Experts

At Sunshine Media Network, we understand how important it is to ensure that your media message is on-point. That’s why our team is often hired by Corporate Communications staff and PR firms to deliver the tough love messages to executives that are often difficult for internal communication staff to say or reiterate feedback that hasn’t yet been received or applied.

We provide on-camera media training, playback reviews of performances, and missed and hit message delivery opportunities. We also provide strategies to help team members offset awkward on-camera behaviors that can deter from the message the speaker is trying to provide. Additional comfort and confidence media training develops within company leaders tapped to do on-camera interviews substantially increases their likelihood of agreeing to interviews and that makes the task by corporate communications teams even easier.

Case Study – 360 Media

Sunshine Media Network has helped many clients improve their relationships with media. One of our clients, 360 Media, hired us in collaboration with Charlotte Marriott City Center. Our team at Sunshine Media Network led an on-camera media training for the PR firm for their client, and we helped to preserve the relationship between Charlotte Marriott City Center and 360 Media while paralleling 360 Media’s message and delivering uncomfortable feedback to the talent. In this case study the executive (talent) had a nervous laugh that was creating unnecessary crises for the public relations firm to manage. Part of Sunshine Media Network’s task was to delicately discuss this quirk with the talent during video playback and then arm the talent with techniques that would help her control the anxious response on camera.

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