Corporate Communications Consultant

When you need a professional corporate communications consultant, trust Sunshine Media Network as more than 30 Fortune 500s have in the past decade. For years, our team has helped clients both big and small tell their stories in an effective and efficient way to reach their target audiences. If your company has multiple departments within Corporate Communications, we are versed in ensuring cross communications among your teams, delicately balancing office politics that so many times influence these high level projects, and picking up where you need support and resources the most.

As your corporate communications consultant, we can work on external and internal communications-both written and video; we can craft and distribute media releases you need to pitch your stories to the media to intentionally grow your audience, brand and reach. . When you choose to work with us, we will jump into the fire with you from day one to ensure your communication needs are being met. And we will roll with the punches alongside you so you know you have a knowledgeable ally in your corner until the project ends. Corporate communications clients hire us because they know as soon as we end the first phone call, our team is doing the work to get caught up to speed, researching and compiling a plan and ensuring we’re ready to walk lock step with them from the word “Go.” Having a pulse on best practices, staying on top of hits and misses in public relations, marketing, and messaging and being able to learn industry nuances at a moment’s notice set us apart and make us incredibly successful.

Corporate Communications Consultant Services You Can Rely On

At Sunshine Media Network, we deliver quality consultancy services when you need them most and we have a solid list of high-stakes, high pressure projects that are the result of a Corporate Communications team needing another trusted expert to support their internal staff. Whether it’s a one time campaign, an annual project that stretches internal resources too thin, or an ongoing need that needs supplemental support on, we have an extensive list of happy clients, including Duke Energy which has hired Sunshine Media Network for Corporate Consultancy as needed for six years.

Case Study – Duke Energy

In 2019, Duke Energy brought Sunshine Media Network in to serve as the Corporate Communications Consultant for the company’s new Uptown Charlotte tower project. During the project’s run, we worked with several departments within Duke Energy that had a vested interest in the first-of-its-kind project, such as Corporate Communications, Cyber Security, and Procurement. We helped research best practices in the industry, sought vendors that were capable of the work, and contributed to technical video components of the project.

As our team does in each consultation with our clients, we provided Duke Energy with specs that saved them time and money, we accomplished the Corporate Communication goals, made sure everyone’s needs were heard across departments, and considered and the project would be a success for each department head involved. Sunshine Media Network is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and we made sure all of Duke Energy’s needs were met while working with multiple departments and maintaining clear communication. We would love to do this for you and your company.

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If you’re ready to start working with an experienced corporate communications consultant, be sure to reach out to Sunshine Media Network today. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our work and how we can support your company.