Corporate Clients

Sunshine Media Network manages and supports the important projects of (more than 35) Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, higher-learning institutions, and million-dollar-plus nonprofit organizations. In the corporate space, we provide video project management for Annual Shareholder Meetings, Video Campaigns, SMTs, Virtual & Hybrid Events, Media Training, and more.

Entrepreneur Clients

Small businesses, authors, professional athletes, and subject-matter experts trust Sunshine Media Network to shape and tell their stories. As Storymakers, we help them identify the message that will help them stand out, gain attention, attract clients, and turn what makes them authentic into income.

Social Entrepreneur

From the annual #GiftBackBirthday to providing pro bono services, Sunshine Media Network donates time, resources, and money to causes that align with our mission: to uplift and amplify minority and women experts and entrepreneurs. Profits from our Corporate Client projects allow us to offset the costs for Entrepreneur Clients.

Freelance Support

Sunshine Media Network has nurtured and developed women and minority talent within the TV and Video production industry for almost a decade. From teaching at local TV technical schools to employing contract freelancers across the state and sharing job opportunities, Sunshine Media Network uplifts creatives and fights for talent in this growing industry.