Corporate Clients

Storymaker | ˈstôrē-ˈmākər – (n): a lot of people can tell a story, but only a talented creative can find a story a lot of people will tell.

Who We Are:

Sunshine Media Network is a woman-owned, certified company that has been trusted by Fortune 500 executives, presidential candidates, the US Department of State, CEOs, higher-education institutions, and international nonprofits with their Storymaking. Our teams consistently work under intense pressure and deadlines, where one live moment is make-or-break for the client. We frequently support internal Communications Teams and external PR firms in their projects and goals, and we are sought after for our media and video expertise, brainstorming, and fresh perspectives.

With our larger clients, the work is always a team effort among internal and external groups. In addition to leading a project for a client, Sunshine Media Network’s experts supplement roles for a client that: may be staff vacancies, are new ventures and not yet staffed, are infrequently needed and don’t warrant internal staff positions, bridge multiple teams within the organization, or where extra people are needed for ensured success.

Our Storymaking leadership and work has been applied through a variety of projects, including:

541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541820 – Public Relations Agencies
512120 – Motion Picture and Video Distribution
512191 – Teleproduction & other Postproduction services
541890 – Other Service Related to Advertising

Why Choose Us:

Every client’s needs are unique, and we tailor our services, teams, and budgets accordingly, based on best practices. Our teams are composed of other entrepreneurs who are experts in their fields and hand-selected for your job. We have consistently seen this is the best way to build the most talented team on a project, where everyone has a personal stake in your success and their own success with you.

  • Worked with SEC Legal, Compliance, Communications, and A/V Teams in a Fortune 500 company to legally and successfully take the Shareholder Meeting to virtual space. Overseen annually since 2017.
  • Managed traveling and pool media satellite truck for presidential candidate motorcade.
  • Built, owned, and operated two satellite insert studios in Charlotte, NC, and Davidson College available for live national/international network news interviews.
  • One-man-band video production for US Department of State HEROES ceremony with the Secretary of State, dignitaries, and 10 international HEROES.

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